Medical Face Masks Are Restocked At McDonalds, A&W and Tim Hortons


There once was a time when we would get upset if we drove through our favorite fast food joint and somehow didn’t receive enough napkins. Like, there wasn’t much that was more annoying than that. You pull out your burger and your fries and start eating in your car like a heathen, and then you reach for a napkin to clean up your mess… and they forgot. WHAT?! Never did we ever think that 2020 would be the year we stopped asking for extra napkins, and started asking for extra face masks.

Fast food restaurants in Alberta started doing something pretty awesome in the midst of this pandemic, by giving generous amounts of medical grade face masks in your bag when you order food and request them. They’re amazing if you’re running low, haven’t bought a reusable one yet, or are in a pinch. I personally use them as my car masks in case for some reason I forget mine at home. I honestly don’t even believe these words as they come out of my fingers… but that’s just what the world has become.

If you were as excited about this as I was, you may have noticed as of recently that they ran out of masks at most if not all of these locations, and maybe you weren’t sure if they were going to replenish the supply. Guess what… they did! So if you plan on stopping today for your dollar cone at McDonalds, just know you can stock up on masks too. Those things ain’t cheap in the store, and it’s super cool that some of our favorite fast food spots are willing to help us out like this and keep us safe! It’s also a fantastic excuse to eat at a drive thru.