Michael B. Jordan Plays Alexa In Amazon's New Super Bowl Ad


I think at one point or another we’ve all treated our smart speaker like it’s our best pal. Someone who is right there in the room with us listening to what we’re saying, giving us advice, telling us how it is and sometimes even being sassy with us. But imagine, just for a second if your smart speaker was in a vessel other than a speaker…like a human perhaps. Well Amazon Alexa and Michael B Jordan teamed up to give us that hypothetical dream situation in a smart speaker ad. So here’s how it pans out, there’s a woman who is chatting with her pals about how great her Alexa is but that it could be better…IF it looked like Michael B Jordan (which let’s get real, checks out). During this ad the woman who is day dreaming about her MBJ smart speaker asks her Alexa (as MBJ) all the questions and is just absolutely smitten by Jordan. She even asks the smart speaker to dim the lights at one point and Jordan proceeds to take his top off and cover the light with it. Well played, Amazon. Well played.

You can actually scope this ad out in the flesh on Sunday if you’re going to be watching the big game Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 7th). And there are actually tons of other celebrity cameos that Alexa has had for Super Bowl ads as well if (somehow) Michael B Jordan isn’t your thing. The smart speaker’s 2018 commercial had the voices of Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B, and Anthony Hopkins. Pretty cool, eh! Now if you’re like myself and don’t plan on watching the game on Sunday I’ve tossed the link here to scope it out. Now all you have to do is pick your jaw up from the floor.