MrBeast Burger Has Hit YYC!


If there is one thing I think we can all agree on it’s that the food scene in YYC is not only incredible but constantly growing and coming up with unreal food for us all the time. I mean we have so many fantastic ghost kitchens here that are looking to pop off and be full restaurants they’re so popular and tons of niche restaurants so why not add some fantastic American burger joints to that roster as well. Cue Mr. Beast Burger dropping in YYC and getting us all drooling over his incredibly popular burger chain. So if you’re not aware, MrBeast is pretty big in the YouTube world and this ghost kitchen that’s here in YYC now is serving up some of his incredible burgers. Another bonus about working out of a ghost kitchen is that the food is cooked out of restaurants that are already operational in the city but provides a new source of cash flow so really, it’s a win win for both parties!

Okay, it’s time to get to the good stuff…the burger toppings. I’m sitting here scrolling through Uber Eats looking at this menu drooling. You can get french fries on a burger, there’s a Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich that looks absolutely incredible, they even offer up a grilled cheese which you KNOW is gonna be fuego because it’s cooked on a grill. And sorry, I almost missed the Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich and Beast Style Fries that look like the kind of thing you’d want to absolutely mow after going to National on 17th for 5-10 rounds with your pals on a Saturday night. Absolutely epic.

So here’s how you get the goods… because it’s a ghost kitchen you need to order off a delivery app so you can do that via Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats or Door Dash. And remember, it’s Valentine’s Day weekend so if there ever was a time to treat yoself, it’s now.