Murder Hornets Are In Canada Because Apparently 2020 Just Won't Quit

muirder hornet

You thought 2020 was bad enough, nah bb 2020 just said HOLD MY BEER and has now had "MURDER HORNETS" Spotted in Canada in BC!

K so what the HELL is a murder hornet?? well it's terrifying and about 50x the size (k not legit) of a regular hornet, Theyre actually called Asian giant hornets, theyre stings HURT and can actually kill you if stung multiple times (not the case for everyone but look at these bad boys) you can imagine they are terrible!

They've been spotted in BC around White Rock, B.C. It just kind of feels like whoever is orchestrating 2020 is just playing a sick game right?? Like this feels like some kind of black mirror episode or something ahhhhH!!