Nanaimo Bar Booze Is Here Just In Time For The Holidays!

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Friend, I am about to change your life with this new desert themed booze. It is the most Canadian bevy and you will want to stock up for the upcoming Thanksgiving season…trust. Nanimo Bar alcohol from Forty Creek is a thing of deliciousness and is a whiskey cream base which means it is perfect for not only a post turkey coma drink but you can add a little dash in your coffee and just live your best. It’s apparently a tribute to the west coast desert with hints of wafer, coconut, chocolate ganache, custard and nut flavors. If you aren’t salivating already what about the price point being under $30? Don’t tell me that doesn’t make this beverage even more appealing!  All in all Forty Creek’s Nanaimo Bar alcohol sounds like a win and a staple for this coming holiday season! Bone Apple Teeth.