National Unfriend Day: Opinion Piece


I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the filtered world that we spend so much time scrolling in that we don’t always realize how toxic it can be. All of the materialistic things we aspire to have, people we want to look like (who 9/10 times have a filter or photo shop on them), the toxic diet culture we can get sucked into. There is just so much on the internet that is so bad for us to digest and puts strain on our mental health and wellbeing *CUE* national Unfriend Day.  Unfriend day is a day where you go through your feed and get rid of the humans you don’t talk to or who no longer serve you on social media and honestly, if there’s a day we could all get behind; I think it should be this one. We don’t need negativity and toxicity filling up our digital space, we already get enough in the real world, why do we need to have it lurking on our own pages in the virtual world as well, right? SO that being said (and this is only my personal opinion) go follow people who serve you. Who lift you up and help you fill your daily cup and remind you that you’re wonderful. Follow pages that help you thrive and be a better you because friend, there is so much out there trying to weigh us down that taking out the trash and doing a little unfriending action just might be the digital detox you need.