Netflix Announced A Love Is Blind Cast Reunion So We Know Which Couples Stayed Together!


Everyone has been obsessed  with this new Netflix show Love Is Blind - if you don't know the premise goes like this!

15 guys and 15 girls live separately and only speak to each other through isolated ‘pods’ that don't allow them to see each other. Through talking, relationships start to form and, to qualify for the next round, contestants must propose to the ones they build relationships with to be eligible for the next stage. BOOM first proposal down now they all hang out together in Mexico for two weeks. It is only at this stage that they finally get to see each other and, potentially, ya the no pants dance, knock boots, whatever you wanna call it haha. After that, they move in together, meet each other’s parents and, after 38 days of being engaged — if they make it that long — they get married. intense right??

I have to be honest as someone who's married i'm like come on man it totally takes away anything special about finding your true soul mate but I guess it can happen! And who am I kidding i'm obsessed with it so can't say anything BUT the show has been addictive! If you've been following along then you'll love to hear they announced a CAST REUNION so that we can know who all stayed together and how everyone now feels about one another - not sure why post production took so long but they have been keeping their relationship status's under wraps since NOVEMBER 2018!!
The season finale arrives on Netflix on Thursday. The reunion special drops on YouTube a week later, on March 5!