Netflix Is Streaming A Phoebe Buffay Concert!


Neflix UK and Ireland are doing the coolest thing. Since September 20th they have been streaming a Phoebe Buffay Live in Concert. For the last few weeks they have just been replaying famous scenes of Phoebe playing at the Central Perk. Even though this isn’t a true in concert it is still a really cool idea. If you need some music to keep you company this weekend why not just leave the concert stream play in the background. It will also bring back many memories of the show and where you were when you saw the episodes. Can’t believe it’s been 25 years of friends. That’s the power of the TV show though. The fact that it feels like Friends is still being filmed today is incredible. Even though it was made over 20 years ago it feels so modern. And that’s the true talent of a great TV show. It’s so relatable that even in 2019 we can still relate to most of the episodes. It might be one of the best stories of true friendship.

Now warning watching this live stream will make you want to binge watch the show again from episode one. Also by watching this it will give us hope for hopefully one day we get a Friend reunion. They have talked about it for YEARS. All we want is one episode or maybe a movie. Until that time we will keep re-watching the episodes. Even if they don’t make a reunion episode at least we have season’s worth of laughs. As they grow up in the seasons so do we. Thank you to the cast of Friends for teaching us so many life lessons and for being there for us. We will never forget all the times you were there for us. We love you Friends.