Netflix Just Announced ‘YOU’ Season 3


There are two kinds of people in this world… people who hate YOU and people who LOVE you, but there’s no in between. I mean, I guess it’s possible to love to hate it, because you know that’s a thing. Either way, your hate love is about to reactivate because season 3 has officially been announced.



What usually happens with shows like this is that Season 1 is just absolutely undeniably incredible and everyone loves it so much. Then, season 2 gets released and everyone’s like… okay this is still good, but not as good as season 1. Then season 3 comes out and you’re like okay never mind, I can’t watch this anymore… LOL. This is how a lot of people felt about other Netflix shows, like Orange is the New Black for example. This generally happens more with the originals, and I know you know what I mean.

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See you soon, neighbor. YOU S3 is coming.

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Either way, season 2 of YOU was definitely binge worthy. I’d say most people watched it over a 48 hour period. The fact that it was released in the midst of the holidays on Boxing Day made this an extremely doable task, but either way if you got through it that quickly, good on you. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the end of season 2 definitely left room for a sequel, like for sure. These days, most TV shows and movies do, which is the absolute worst when the sequels don’t happen – lucky for us, that isn’t the case here.

They’re advertising it as “new year, new YOU” – which, even though they didn’t give us any specific dates, tells us that this new season will be ours at some point in 2020 (or at least that's the hope). So, it could be a bit of wait, but as long as it’s coming, what more could we ask for… right?

The countdown is ON!