New Zealand Has Officially Declared Their Nation ‘Covid Free’


Let’s be honest for a second.

This pandemic has been actual hell. Sorry if that word is offensive but it’s far less offensive than some of the other words I’d like to use to describe the actual villain that has taken over our universe in the form of a virus called “COVID 19”.

It feels like every single day since March we just wake up and hope for good news. Good news has been sprinkled in here and there but the news we’re waiting for is the kind where they tell us that this is over, masks are done with, restrictions are lifted and there is not a single case of COVID 19 left in Calgary, or Canada, or anywhere near us.

This kind of relief seems like an impossibility, until you hear stories like the one coming out of New Zealand this week. It may be the most hopeful headline we’ve heard in a really really long time. They have officially declared their nation COVID FREE. No more restrictions, everything has been lifted, and life is returning to normal. This is one of those situations where you wanna be like “I’ll have what they’re having”.

We should ask them for a blueprint plan and follow it line for line and word for word until we end up in that kind of situation. The day that we get to watch the live feed of Justin Trudeau announcing that the pandemic has ended and life can return to normal will literally be the best day of our lives. I could cry at the thought of it, and I’m sure you could too. Thinking about it makes me feel all giddy and emotional… and the best part is that it’s not just a fantasy, it’ll be our reality sooner than later… and we cannot wait for that day to come.