No One Showed Up To This 11 Year Old's Birthday But The Internet Saved The Day.

Kade birthday

Kade had his 11th birthday party last night but sadly no one showed up. So Kade’s father Jason took to twitter to ask for the help of the internet for Birthday wishes. If this doesn’t hit you right in the feels I don’t know what will. Breaks my heart reading this, when I was around Kade’s age I too had friends not show up to my birthday. Remember spending all night with my dad making invitations for my birthday. Remember how excited I was to possibly have the “cool” kids come to my party. And just like Kade they didn’t show up, it broke my heart. So I fully relate to this story. Think we all can relate to this in some way. We’ve all been disappointed or stood up by someone before. It happens but it shouldn’t happen to an 11 year old on their birthday. Kade seems like an amazing boy and I hope his day was still amazing.

After his dad tweeted about his birthday party it quickly went viral. Since Kade is a huge Leafs fan the Maple Leafs finally reached out to him to say Happy Birthday. Many other celebrities reached out to Kade. Even Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamil took the time to tweet Kade. It goes to show you how such an incredible thing can come from something terrible. This story will bring a tear to your eye seeing all these people come together to make this kids birthday the best it can be. Hopefully his 12th birthday will be ever better! Those kids who didn’t show up are missing out! This viral tweet is just an example of how we should all treat each other. When we see someone down we need to lend a hand and pick them up. Happy Birthday Kade.