North Dakota Brewery Puts Photos of Dogs Who Need To Be Adopted On Their Cans


The best idea in the world doesn’t exi… oh wait, yes it does. This brewery in North Dakota has it ALL figured out, and they have partnered with a local animal shelter to shed some light on the current situation in the very best possible way.

Everyone knows that it is truly important when adopting an animal to make sure that you at least consider going to your local shelter and seeing if there is anything there for you. This is where the phrase “adopt, don’t shop” is coined from. I know there are sometimes situations that create a need to get a dog from a breeder, or a location other than an animal shelter, but when it is possible it is always encouraged to go that route.

Now, don’t you ever wonder if the adoption rate would be higher, and the success of finding homes for dog’s that don’t have them would be much larger, if there were a way to advertise more thoroughly? Plus, we all know the way to the heart strings of the person who needs to agree to get a dog with you, is for them to meet the dog in person, or even see a photo. This is where this North Dakota brewery, Fargo Brewing Company, hit the nail right on the head.

They started printing labels for their beer with photos of the dogs on them that are looking to be adopted. And also, I mean not to say we make sporadic drunk decisions, but we do… so this may sway people in the right direction as well. Either way, this is the coolest most heartwarming idea ever.

Now… AARCS and Tool Shed… have y’all gone for lunch to talk about this? Just curious.