Olivia Rodrigo’s Song ‘Driver’s License’ is the Biggest Song in the World Right Now


If you have tiktok, you know this song.

There is absolutely no doubt about it. I know everyone has their own algorithm on tiktok and the reason your main page is called the “for you page” is because based on time spent watching and likes on your profile, the “for you page” is completely curated to your interests. If you like trucks, you’ll have a ton of truck videos. If you’re a sad twenty-something dealing with mental health issues… well your “for you page” will mirror that. Woah, just totally called myself out there didn’t I?


No matter which of your interests your tiktok pertains to, you have heard Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo. It’s not often that a song comes out and becomes the biggest song in the entire universe but here we are, she’s done it.

If you’re wondering who she is, she actually starred on the High School Musical series on Disney plus. She has other songs out there for your listening pleasure… but none of them hit quite like this one does. If you haven’t heard it yet by some miracle  you actually need to get on it because it’s going to hit every emotional heartstring that’s in your body.

Even Taylor Swift endorsed this song by commenting on Olivia’s Instagram post… which is huge in the music world. Once you get endorsed by the queen that goes by Taylor Swift you know you’re moving up in this world. Seriously, it’s in the bible or something.

I’m going to post the youtube video for ‘Driver’s License’ right here for you but I must warn you… you’re very likely not going to listen to any other songs for a super long time.