Only Ryan Reynolds Could Make Getting the COVID Vaccine Look Hot


I feel like this pandemic has given a whole new meaning to things that are sexy. Like, I’m not going to lie… but nothing gets me going these days more than a man who follows the rules. You know what I mean?

It’s super strange, and something that we never thought would attribute to good qualities in a person, let alone things that would find a way to ever have any kind of sex appeal. Seriously though, you wear your mask in indoor public spaces without being upset about it? HOT. You’re looking forward to the day you can be vaccinated? SO HOT. You respect the space of the people around you and follow the rules in some way shape or form? You don’t even know how much of a turn on that is!

I know it sounds so ridiculous, but it’s all so very true. Honestly, though, I didn’t think there would ever be a way to make getting a COVID 19 vaccine look sexy, but to no surprise, Ryan Reynolds found a way. Everybody’s favorite Canadian boy posted a picture of himself getting vaccinated wearing a very becoming pink toque, and the world was totally okay with staring at this photo for as long as they please.

On top of that, I think it’s super important when people with a big public platform use it for the good of others, and to promote positive things like COVID safety and vaccinations. I know that everyone has their own conflicting opinions on vaccines and masks etc. but if you’re anything like me seeing people do what needs to be done to have this thing end soon makes you extremely happy.

No matter where you sit on the “debate” looking at a picture of Ryan Reynolds never hurt anyone, did it?