Paul Rudd Makes a Mask PSA for Millennials to Help “Yeet” This Virus  


Millennials have a super weird way of speaking. My friends who are even just a couple of years older than me love to make fun of the words I use to describe things. If you’re like me, you’re constantly using words like vibe, kween… you know what I’m saying, right?

Well, though I hate to say it, they are saying that a lot of the rising covid cases come from younger people throwing parties and hanging out in big groups without social distancing. Sometimes after a few drinks it can be easy to forget about masks and distancing measures by accident. Especially since bars have reopened it can be difficult to not want to mingle with people you don’t know that well after all the time we spent locked up in our houses. It’s scary because contact is so wide from person to person. Every person you talk to has their own social circle, and things like this can really increase risk when hanging out in groups.

Basically, what the point that Paul Rudd is trying to get across, using language that millennials (including myself) have an easier time understanding, is that you can still enjoy your life and follow all of the safety measures at the same time. You can hang with your pals outdoors or while all masked up. There are some adorable masks out there and honestly there’s nothing to be embarrassed about at this point. At the beginning of this pandemic, there was a small period of deciding whether or not it was “cool” to wear a mask out in public, and now it’s just the way.

If you’re like me you probably can’t even imagine trying to refuse wearing a mask… but if you need a little help understanding in a language you’re used to using, check out this video. It’s awesome.