People in BC Have Started a Petition to Close the Provincial Border to Stop Visitors


Here’s the thing… it’s hard to be mad about this. You can’t be, really.

Closing borders between countries and provinces alike is something that has either been discussed or implemented during these trying times, which to be fair is a decent way to stop people from doing non-essential travel. Lots of people have been leaving the country for big vacations that they’ve been able to get incredible deals on, solely because they work from home and the 14 day quarantine isn’t all that big of a deal for them upon their return.

Those trips are not taken as often though, as the trips people tend to take across the border.  I mean, BC is gorgeous and Alberta is right next door, it’s hard to stay put when so much beauty is offered there, life is short, some of us have family and friends in the neighboring province… there are a ton of reasons people are choosing to cross the border and obviously tourism as a whole is a huge money maker pre this pandemic.



It’s no secret that people love to take their getaways to BC but I guess the rush of people hasn’t necessarily slowed down, which means that the risk of carrying the virus from province to province prevails, and some people in BC have had enough of that, hence this petition.

At this point in the pandemic, it is kind of hard to see the government making any major moves like a border closure, but you never know.

You can find this petition, here.