PETA Is Selling A Joe Exotic Halloween Costume With 100% Profits Going To Help Animals


Remember when Joe Exotic The Tiger King took over everyone's quarantine? It feels like forever ago! (one day in quarantine = 5 days in real life) so ya know! It seems like it was forever ago. One thing we can all agree on is most people agreed that *if* things are somewhat back to normal by halloween we are going to see  SO MANY Joe Exotic / Carol Baskin costumes for halloween!

Well PETA was on it and decided to sell a Joe Exotic costume with 100% of the proceeds going to HELP animals!! If you've got $169.99 USD to dish (must admit that's poretty steep) BUT it comes with  a blond mullet wig and moustache, a tioger teddy an orange jumpsuit with the “King” in “Tiger King” crossed out and replaced with “Killer” and a set of jail bars.
In the description for the costiume PETA describes...

“We hope everyone will be out and about by Halloween, so this one-of-a-kind costume is available for pre-order now. It comes with everything you need to portray the notorious tiger abuser: a blond wig, a moustache, jail bars, a plush pouncing tiger and an orange jumpsuit with the more apt moniker ‘Tiger Killer’ on the front.”

Tiger King has exposed tiger exhibitors as ghouls who steal cubs from their mothers, exploit them as living photo props and then often discard or kill them when they grow up,” PETA Foundation director of captive animal law enforcement Brittany Peet said in a statement. “This Halloween, PETA will poke some pointed fun at a tiger killer who belongs behind bars, where he can no longer harm a hair on any animal’s head.”