Pigeon Crafts A Nest Out Of Poppies At The Australian War Memorial


This is such an incredible story to come across on Remembrance Day.

This was written about a few days ago – but as we wear our poppies proudly today, this is something that will definitely make you smile.

At an Australian War Memorial, an unexpected guest has built themselves a beautiful nest out of poppies. A visiting pigeon “stole” for lack of a better word several poppies from the Tomb of the Unknown Solider and crafted the most beautiful nest that anyone has ever seen. There are a ton of photos circulating around the internet of the bird in its new home, and it just gives you an overwhelming sense of peace, gratefulness, and realization.

Remembrance Day is a day of reflection and remembering. Whether it be while you are looking at photos like this, taking moments of silence throughout the day, or even while you are driving down the street in your car… remember what a privilege it is to have the freedom that we have. How amazing the country is that we live in – and remember the people that made life this way for us. The people that made our freedom possible. Try and remember things like this today, and every day. They fought for our freedom, and we will be forever grateful.

Remembrance Day is a day to shine light on heroes, past and present. If you enter a room full of people – everyone in that room will either know of someone, know someone personally or even know someone who knows someone that served. If you have a first responder in your life, thank them. If you’ve been saved by a first responder, or have witnessed someone be saved, think of them. If you have friends in school to become first responders, the heroes of our future, salute them.

I hope these photos have given you an overwhelming sense of peace this Remembrance Day.