Recent Calgary Hail Storm Cost Over $1 Billion in Damages


Calgary is known for some crazy and unpredictable weather. It seems this summer more than ever, it’s almost impossible to have even one hot sunny day without a severe thunderstorm watch or warning looming over us. Eyes are always on the clouds instead of the sun due to fears of being stuck in a hail storm, or a flash flood, or even a tornado warning. That’s how wild it has been as of lately, and if you live here you have been experiencing it firsthand.

The worst of all of them, even worse than the tornado warning, was the hail storm that hit mid-June. This storm was talked about nationwide, if not more. It rip roared through the city denting vehicles and even breaking wind shields, which is everyone’s worst fear during a hail storm especially if you’re driving at the time. Like, any kind of hail has a bit of a final destination feel to it, but when it starts literally destructing everything around you, that’s when it feels the most real.

They’re saying this hail storm in particular caused over 1.2 BILLION dollars in damage in the city, which seems like a lot, but this storm was quick and absolutely destructive. Honestly, I’ve seen more cars than not with hail dents in them while stopped at red lights lately. It’s pretty scary how quickly it all happened, and even in that small amount of time, it became the 4th most expensive natural disaster to ever happen in Canada. Isn’t that wild?!

You can read more on this from our pals at CTV Calgary by clicking HERE.

If you’re like me, and you don’t have undercover parking… this has caused you some serious anxiety for the next time one of these bad boys rolls around, and all you can do is hope that it won’t hit your neighborhood that hard. But hey, if we’re being realistic… anything can happen. It’s 2020.