Rexall Pharmacy Has a Waitlist That You Can Join to Get In Line for a COVID Vaccine


How sick are you of the word vaccine? Okay, same! Like, if you’re anything like me you want to get vaccinated ASAP and move on from this so we can go to a concert and not be worried about the health and well-being of the entire population of the country that we’re living in. COVID has gone on for far too long. I mean, even one day of it would’ve been too long but now that we’ve pushed past an entire year, this vaccine roll out couldn’t happen any faster.

It’s no secret that the rollout in Canada has been slightly delayed and a little slower than any of us ever would’ve hoped. That being said, with the new restrictions that we’re rolled out a couple of days ago, they’re opening up the eligibility to be vaccinated, and they’re also allowing everyone to join weightlists making it easier to notify people of vaccine availability as it comes, especially since a lot of the vaccines have a decently volatile shelf life – this will give them the opportunity to make sure that none of the doses are going to waste or anything like that.

If you want to get on the wait list to get vaccinated in Calgary, Alberta, or any province for that matter click HERE.

It seems that there is some criteria that would probably get you in a little quicker, but honestly just being on the list puts my mind at ease even just a little bit… then I’ll take it! This phone call about a vaccine is gonna come even slower than the one from the person you’re interested in, ya know?

Good luck!!