Ryan Reynolds Is Offering A Reward For Stolen Teddy Bear With A Voice Note From Woman’s Late Mother


Moving can be so incredibly stressful. Packing your life up into boxes and trying to keep some kind of system of organization can seem next to impossible, especially when you’re in the process of doing it. It’s easy to misplace things while you’re on the move…but nothing is worse than when you lose something you quite literally cannot replace. I think we all have that one thing (a piece of jewelry, a birthday card, you name it) that has an incredible amount of sentimental value, and we don’t even know what we’d do if we misplaced it.

This nightmare came true for a woman in Vancouver. She was in the process of moving to a new place, and she had a backpack which contained an iPad and something else that was completely irreplaceable. A teddy bear that had a voice note in it from her mother who passed away about a year ago. Someone stole the backpack, thinking that they were getting an iPad out of it, not realizing that what they were stealing actually had much greater value. Stealing is never ever ever acceptable, but in this particular scenario I can only imagine it’s worse than the person who did the stealing could’ve ever dreamed.



Ryan Reynolds aka Vancity Reynolds aka king of the world caught word of this story and decided he wanted to step in and help make sure this back pack, or at least the teddy bear, is returned safe and sound. He has donated $5000.00 as a reward to whoever finds this bear and returns it safely to this woman’s hands.

The emotional turmoil of losing a parent is unimaginable if you’ve never been through it… and losing the last piece that you have of them is an unfathomable loss too. If you know anyone who may be able to help locate the teddy bear, speak up.