Shawn Mendes Is Offering YOU A Chance To Be In His Next Music Video!


Have you heard of the #Allinchallenge on social media?? It's pretty cool! It's got a bunch of celebrities rallying together essentially raffling upo a bunch of cool experiences!!

All the money goes towards COVID 19 relief efforts like meals on wheels and helping out front line workers etc. Shawn Mendes is the latest celebrioty to offering up something really cool! YOU CAN BE IN HIS NEXT MUSIC VIDEO!!! And even cameo in it if you want!! ( I wonder if you could direct the scene you were in??)

*insert you and Shawn smooching* hahaha He posted this on his twitter today


Super cool!! Some of the other things you can win is being on the set of the Friends reunion show --> click here to find that one  or being eaten by a dinosaur in Jurassic Park!!! (SO COOOOL!)

Either way we just love this and think it's really cool! If you are able to donate CLICK HERE