Sign Our Petition to Save Halloween in Calgary This Year



There’s a first time for everything when it comes to COVID-19.

You know how after a breakup, you have to go through each holiday once and it’s kind of hard but you always end up finding your footing and it’s only easier every year after? The coronavirus pandemic is kind of like that, except the breakup was with real life instead of an ex, but it doesn’t make the holidays any easier.

To be fair, we’re killing it so far. We’ve gotten through Easter, Thanksgiving, Summer 2020… but now we’ve reached Halloween, and a lot of people don’t really know what to do. The people have Calgary have been given permission to go ahead with Halloween in a safe manor, and trick-or-treating has been deemed a safe activity to go forth with, as long as everyone who is doing the activity is following distancing protocols and wearing masks (which is perfect because Halloween, duh!)

Sadly, 60% of people have stepped forward and said they very likely will not be participating in Halloween, and this includes having candy ready for those of us who decide to take part in the absolutely magical holiday, especially when you’re a kid. Us, as adults, will never know wat it’s like to miss a big holiday with family and friends because of a pandemic, and honestly, our kids are doing a fantastic job of understanding the world as it is… so what if we still gave them the Halloween they look forward to and deserve?!

That’s why we created this petition. To make Halloween happen this year in the safest possible way. Sign out petition to save Halloween… I promise, the children of Calgary will absolutely love you for it.