Someone In YYC Is Covering Park Bench Signs With Hilarious Random Facts & People Love It!!


Calgary is a beautiful city to take a stroll in, tons of beautiful views, scenery and parks! Like Bowmont Park, which seems to be the talk of the town this week. The park has been host to a ton of light hearted laughs in the most subtle way. You know when you're at a bench with a nicve view there's usually a memorial plaque on it, saying something along the lines of a lovely couple loved this park, we miss you! xo the family


you know! Well someone in YYC has decided as beautiful as those are, it's 2020 and we need a good laugh. So without defacing, or disrespecting, this mask crusader has taken the time to get proper plaques engraved, and gently placing them on the bences. People are loving it!


the best part?? the City Of Calgary was like well we gotta take these down?! So they did...but Calgarians let their voices be heard and said no!! put them back!! They make us happy! SO THEY DID!!!

lol this is the best