Someone Spray Painted ‘BLM’ on the Calgary Pride Crosswalk and They Are Leaving It There


Sometimes things happen in Calgary that make you just completely and wholeheartedly remember why you love this city so much. Like any city, or place in this world for that matter, we obviously have a ton of work to do in every sense of the word when it comes to inclusion and equality, general education about these things and anything else along those lines, but that being said it does feel like we’re light years ahead of some of the other places in this world.

Calgary pride, on Twitter, acknowledged what had happened with the flag which is painted at a crosswalk downtown Calgary, and handled the situation in the absolute most incredible way. Check this out: 

Living in a city full of this much love and inclusivity, as well as knowledgeable sources and people who are always willing to explain things to others and help them learn and be educated, is a feeling like no other.

There’s a lot of learning left to be done, but when things like this happen and they are able to become a lesson, we realize how valuable it can be.