Starbucks Came Out With a Disney Holiday Tumbler and It’s So Cute


Lots of people are talking about this this week… probably because they’re literally adorable.

I mean, I know it’s Halloween this weekend and you’re probably wondering why we aren’t raving about some new coming of age Halloween decoration or Halloween drink that Starbucks is offering right now, but truthfully every single day has felt like Halloween since the very beginning of this pandemic. Whether it be everything that’s scary and spooky and out of place, a constant stream of bad news, or the fact that we’ve all been wearing masks every day for almost 8 months… it’s a little difficult to get overly stoked about Halloween right now.

So, because of this, I bring you the new Disney themed Starbucks tumblers that are set to hit the shelves this year. It’s hard to get much cozier than a Christmas themed Starbucks drink on a snowy morning, afternoon or evening BUT the only thing that actually can arguably make it even cozier is drinking said Christmas drink out of a Christmas MUG that is also Disney themed… like, what?!

I mean, it’s smart marketing to say the least. Anyone that ever does any kind of collab with Disney is bound to succeed solely because it’s a brand so widely loved that you’re going to touch so many hearts no matter what the item is.

I know the hot ticket toy item of this year is baby yoda anything… but if for some reason you’re buying for me, skip the baby yoda and just get me one of these bad boys. The thought of drinking out of one is just good for the soul, isn’t it?