Starbucks Now Has Color Changing Ombre Cups


Now is a super important time to support local… which I know Starbucks likely isn’t considered to be – so if you know of any local places in Calgary who have cool cups like this, definitely let me know. For now, though, we’ve got to work with what we got.

If you’re like me, you’re a total fan of Starbucks, and you may remember these from last year, and you may also remember how insanely quickly they sold out. You can always catch me in line at Starbucks, lifting each reusable cup up to check the price, trying not to react with my broke-ness, and putting it back down in a way that says “I can afford it, but it’s ugly” instead of what I’m honestly thinking… which is “omg that’s so expensive I wish I wasn’t poor”.

I hope you’re reading this and relating to me instead of making fun of me, but at this point… we’ve come too far to take it back now.

Either way… there are two things I’m an expert on… Starbucks tumblers and duvet designs at IKEA – and if you’re the same way, you definitely remember these from last year and how fast they sold out. Like, such a hot market item. Ombre color changing reusable Starbucks cups. It’s funny that we all want one of these so badly, even during a time that coffee shops will not fill up reusable cups to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19 – but I guess picking one up would give us the ability to have something to look forward to once all of this is over.



I remember when they were in last year, every time they got a new shipment they’d sell out immediately, so I can only wish you the very best of luck in getting your hands on one of these beauties.