Starbucks To Reopen Most Canadian Locations By The End Of May



I know it’s such a basic B thing to say, but Starbucks is such a staple in so many of our lives. A huge thing, for me anyway, that has been the hardest to adapt to through the whole COVID thing is a lack of routine and organization. The way that life once was, is no longer, and a big part of that life (for me anyway) was Starbucks trips.

I know you may be thinking “what a waste of money!” or something along those lines – but on the route I take to work, the Starbucks is way more accessible than any Tim Horton’s locations, and because of that it has just kind of become a huge part of the morning. So… now that they’re closed, the routine is completely changed. If you’re anything like me, you’re not super cool with it.



I mean, the closure of a lot of coffee shops has been hard on many of us. I mean, I also loved going for walks down 17th ave and stopping in at Analog and grabbing a latte and seeing some familiar faces. Yes I’m a boujie coffee girl, I get it.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH. It has been announced that Starbucks is planning on reopening MOST of its locations by the end of May. If you’re like me, that makes you hopeful that life will start going back to normal soon… or at least, as normal as it can be. There are still locations open throughout the city, but it’s scarce. Like the ones they have in Safeway are open, but your girl misses the one on 14th street in Bankview, cause that’s my hood.

A lot of things are weird right now, and it’ll be weird until life goes back to normal, or the new normal whatever that may be. Starbucks reopening though, will reintroduce some normalcy, and we can’t ask for anything better than that.