Sylvan Lake Looked Like The Catalina Wine Mixer This Weekend


During this pandemic, we’ve seen a lot of viral videos online of places being absolutely jam packed with people despite the current social climate. It’s definitely tough to keep your distance, especially as the weather gets nicer and nicer as we head deeper into summer… but I think if we have one goal it should be to do the opposite of what Florida is doing. That being said, by the looks of the beach at Sylvan Lake this weekend… that is not what we’ve been doing.

I’m not your mom, I can’t tell you what to do, and realistically if I had driven all the way to Sylvan this weekend and saw the crowds, I likely would’ve stayed because who wouldn’t after driving all that way? I guess a lot of people with this same mindset accumulated in one area, and now the pictures are going viral on the internet.

In southern Alberta, we get like 1.5 real summer days without any storms or rain, and this past Saturday was one of them. It is no surprise that people wanted to head out to one of the only spots that is warm enough to swim and spend a day in a little beach town by the water. It makes absolute perfect sense. As Albertans, and Canadians at that, I have no doubt that people did their best to remain distant with limited space… and if we’re looking for the bright side, at least it was out doors, right?

You may have seen this pictures floating around the internet today, but in case you haven’t, here’s one of the tweets that I saw online in regard to the situation at the waterfront in Sylvan Lake this weekend.

Lets’ be honest though… if there wasn’t a pandemic right now, this really does look like a helluva lot of fun.