Tate McRae Was On Jimmy Kimmel Last Night!

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YYC we have a ton of talent in this city, some people that you hear on the radio every single day you might not even know come from our beautiful town. We’ve got people like Kiesza, Jocelyn Alice ANDDD of course, Tate McRae who is just blowing the heck up right now and doing our city so proud. She’s been on a streak of media tours and last night graced the stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live (virtually of course). Girl has been promoting the heck out of her sophomore EP, Too Young To Be Sad which just dropped a couple days ago almost FOUR years after putting out her first song on YouTube which is kind of surreal when you think about it. Now back to that YouTube situation, if you’re an OG Tate fan you know that she really blew up by going viral on the internet at only 13 years old so last night fans were in for a super huge treat when her performance on Kimmel was the reincarnation of her first ever viral video. Honestly the visuals for this- especially being virtual and not in studio are so good, the lighting is immaculate, the vibe she gives off is iconic and at only 17 years old she is such a huge force to be reckoned with in the music industry already. If you’re from YYC and don’t know who Tate McRae is, what are you doing? Sleeping? Go scope her new EP, Too Young To Be Sad and make sure you check out this performance that she slayed on Kimmel last night trust me, you will not be disappointed!