The Calgary Flames Revealed Their New Retro Jerseys


Calgary is quite literally a sea of red at all time… or C of red. I’m not good with all of the sports lingo – and if you are, feel free to correct me.

Either way, there’s no feeling quite like being in the dome in a C (or sea) of people wearing their red jerseys and t shirts and sweaters and jackets, all cheering for the one thing the majority of people in this city have in common… our love for the Calgary Flames.

With Calgary being such a transplant city, there are obviously always a ton of people sporting jerseys from their home team, but sometimes they make their way to the red side. Like, I’m from Toronto… but it wasn’t long until I started sporting Calgary, cause why not, right?

The Flames could wear any kind of jersey and you know all of the die hard fans would jump on board, but they’ve just revealed that the jerseys they’ll be wearing this next season and into the future are actually inspired by the jerseys they used to wear in the 80’s. As you know from watching Mean Girls even once… Vintage is so cute, and you know that all of us can absolutely get on board.

Whether it be jerseys or t shirts or crew neck sweaters (the cutest) we will all find a way to support and sport this new trend. Hopefully you’re just as stoked on it as the rest of us! Nothing like a little bit of change and team spirit during these tough times to carry you through.

Can’t wait to see these jerseys being worn around town!