The Calgary Police Service Helicopter Found This Suspicious Group - Turns Out It Was A Dance Party!


STAY HOME! STAY SAFE! WASH YOUR HANDS!! But Calgary Police couldn't help but have a little giggle after they saw this suspicious looking group of cars in an empty parking lot - turns out it was a bunch of friends having a dance party from a far!

It was a buddy of mine Ariana! I spoke to her on the phone after this video went viral today! I guess it was actually a few weeks ago but they just released the video today! (that's good as social distancing becomes more and more important every single day!) But she said they are all highschool friends who haven't been able to see eachother in months since they all went to different schools all across the country!

From The Calgary Police:
While we recommend staying home at all times to #FlattenTheCurve, if you are going to be outside please keep your distance from others.