The Carolina Hurricanes Mic Up A Youth Hockey Player.


The Carolina Hurricanes just put out the cutest video of all time. They brought in Keyan Coole from their First Goal youth hockey program and mic’d him up. This is 2 minutes of laughs and cuteness! He has some golden quotes like “I invented hockey”. He also asks if the tooth fairy is real. Not sure why that question came up but it did. Just as the hockey season is starting this is a perfect video to make everyone’s day. It’s also a helpful reminder to not get so mad or upset while playing or watching hockey. It teaches us to enjoy the moment and never lose the excitement of the game.


Not too long ago another video of a kid playing hockey went viral! Videos like this remind us to always have fun and try to not take things so seriously. It also makes us smile after all the sadness we can find on the internet lately. The Calgary Flames need to make a video just like this! Now remember with the start of the hockey season try to not let it stress you out. Don’t worry if your favourite team isn’t winning just enjoy the game and never stop smiling! If you know of anyone alittle down in the dumps recently send them this video. These two minutes will really brighten your day. Not only is it the cutest video ever it’s also a reminder on how to live life. Never stop asking questions, work hard and always make time to smile. Hopfully more NHL teams follow in the Carolina Hurricanes footsteps and all make a video just like this one. Thank you Carolina for putting this on the internet and for making us laugh just before the week starts back up. Before you go to work tomorrow don’t forget to laugh and smile!