The Cast of ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Recreated Some of the Best Scenes From The Movie on TikTok


Our childhood was totally shaped by some of the things we spent all of our time watching. This is why we build such an affinity with Disney and all of its amazing characters. I feel like because we have such an extreme bond with Disney, we neglect talking about some of the other movies and TV shows that played a huge part in our upbringing… like this one.

So, promise you won’t judge me… but I absolutely watched Cheaper by the Dozen (both 1 & 2) in theatres multiple times. It may have something to do with a deep rooted envy for such a big family after growing up as an only child, or because I was unhealthily obsessed with Hilary Duff. Whatever the reason behind it was, I specifically remember making my mom take me to see it multiple times, and it was a dream come true every single time I watched it. That movie still kicks, honestly. If you put it on right now, I’d still know every word. If you’re like me… you’ll be very excited about what you’re about to watch.

The ENTIRE cast of ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’ INCLUDING the twins and Hilary Duff (WOO) came together to make a tiktok where they individually, from a distance of course, re-created the most iconic scenes from the first time, and watching it brought on only pure joy. It was super cool to see where all those kids ended up, and to see what they look like now. It was also awesome to see which scenes they decided were the iconic ones to recreate.

I hope watching this leaves you with a gigantic dopey smile on your face the same way it did for me. This is the DEFINITION of nostalgia! They didn’t do this for no reason, either. They teamed up with No Kid Hungry, which is what stemmed it. It’s super cool that it’s for a good cause, and also wholeheartedly entertaining.