The Circle Is BACK For Season 2!


As most of us have been literally living off of reality TV there were a couple shows over the past year that we got into, Too Hot To Handle, Love Island, Love Is Blind and The Circle. So when Netflix announced a season 2 for The Circle, I don’t know about you but I was hella stoked! Now if you watched last season you know that the whole premise was to get popular in the game whether that was by being yourself or finessing the truth a little, but at the end of the game the most “popular” person wins a bunch of cash. Same situation this year EXCEPT there’s a bit of a reality TV twist…it looks like there’s going to be a bit of a reality TV crossover with The Circle as Too Hot To Handle alum Chloe Veitch joins the cast to shake things up a bit and trick the rest of the shows cast members cause let’s get real, who is going to believe that there’s a reality TV star on another reality TV show. One of the best parts though is that Chloe teased there might be a little romantic connection between her and someone named Trevor however, he isn’t a part of the original cast list so we can only infer that he might be a late arrival OR the whole point of the game…he isn’t who he says he is. Guess only time will tell for that one, but we can’t wait to see that relationship unfold. There’s also a teaser from a player named “Lance” who uses Lance Bass as his profile picture and claims he’s been working in the entertainment industry for most of his life so we’ll see how that one pans out as well.

It looks like season 2 will work similarly to last year with four episodes dropping at a time. The first four episodes will be released Wednesday, April 14 and then followed by 4 more episodes every Wednesday for the next four weeks. OH! And if you haven’t scoped the trailer yet…make sure to take a peek here!