The ‘Ilchester’ Cheese Advent Calendar Hits Canadian Shelves This Week


Advent calendars can be filled with literally anything they want.

It’s almost disappointing how not diverse our options are. I mean, every year you hear about some kind of new advent calendar filled with wine or vodka sodas or craft beer. Some kind of alcoholic surprise for the holiday season. The main issue, though, is that when you read about this array of different advent calendars on the market, most of them are only available in the states…

With the ‘state’ of that country here, there’s a million reasons to be happy we live here, but we must admit that their advent calendar selection ‘trumps’ ours by a landslide. Okay, I’m done with the jokes… but this was true up until RIGHT NOW.

I don’t know if you remember walking the isles of your local grocery shop last year and seeing Canadas first ever CHEESE advent calendar. It’s by Ilchester and they’re pretty decently priced to say the least. Last year was the very first year that Canada got to be one of the 14 countries they sell it in, and it is BACK by popular demand.

If you’re looking for your average advent calendar, they’re already available by the truckload literally everywhere you look since the day after Halloween ended. These bad boys, though, haven’t had their major roll out, which means if you act fast when they hit the shelves, you’ll be able to have all of your cheesiest holiday dreams come true.

Each of the compartments has its own individually wrapped cheese for each day of December… an whether or not you make yourself a wine advent calendar and pair them together, well that’s up to you – I ain’t here to judge.

Hopefully this news has you cheesin’ as hard as I am!