The Mystery Oreo Flavor Has Been Unveiled... It's CHURRO.


The Mystery Oreo Flavor Was… CHURRO.

Do you remember when Oreo opened up a contest a few months back in America and Canada saying that if you guessed their mystery flavor… you could win a bunch of cash? Well, they’ve officially contacted their winner and unveiled what the mystery flavor was. Hearing about it now I honestly personally don’t think THAT many people would’ve been able to get it right. You’re talking to an expert right now because if you’re anything like me you ate almost an entire box of those things… in the name of science of course.

So many people were thinking it was so many different flavors. Anything from graham cracker, to apple pie, to cinnamon stick. The list goes on. Again, if you’re like me, you may have found the most complicated aspect of naming the Oreo flavor to be that they have released so many flavors in the past, and you just KNOW they weren’t going to do a repeat flavor. I mean, we were definitely right on the cinnamon guesses. They probably also got a ton of submissions for pumpkin everything, as this competition happened in the early fall. I’m not going to lie... I was pretty dead set on rainbow Dunkaroo icing flavor (as if they’d ever do that!)

The flavor they’re saying it is… is churro. Which thinking about it now, makes total sense… the only unfair aspect potentially being that many of us are accustomed to dipping our churros in chocolate, but that’s only preference, and what’s fair is fair.

This will only teach us that the next time Oreo unveils a mystery flavor, it is more than likely a flavor that is pretty far out there, and that we should stop at no limit while making our educated guesses!

Good one, Oreo! Can’t wait to try the flavor again knowing what the taste actually is.