The NEW Best of Calgary Awards Let You Nominate A Neighborhood Hero!


Best of Calgary has previously been known to give the humans of YYC recognition for being, well…the best of their craft. But they recently put out a really great initiative that is going to put the “Best of Calgary” winner announcements on a brief hold this year and support other amazing “bests” in the city. They want to bring in a NEW Best of Calgary initiative which is going to showcase people within the community, small businesses and other local goodness to celebrate those who are making a difference in YYC during this unfortunate time of crisis. I know we don’t do these amazing acts of kindness or help those in need for the awards and recognition, but Best of Calgary will be handing accolades out for that.

Best of Calgary is asking that “if you know of a local business that is innovating and pivoting overnight, we want to hear about it. If you see a local hero using this time to give back and help others, shout it out. If you spot a neighbor going above and beyond for their community, don’t let it go by unnoticed.”

If there’s one thing YYC is AMAZING at its supporting one another and coming together as a community to lift each other up.

We all know a bunch of people and small businesses doing good right now so let’s give them some love and shine the spotlight on them- showcase their goodness! All you have to do to nominate someone is fill out a quick form HERE!

So spread some love! No gesture or act of kindness is too small, let’s all come together and appreciate the amazing generosity and selflessness that YYC is pumping out all over town!