The New iPhone 12 Pro Can Measure Someone's Height!


You know how you’ve gone on dating apps before and been like “I wonder if this person is lying about their height?” Friend…Apple just solved that problem for you. *Cue iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max which has a feature that can measure someone’s height when you point the phone at them. 2020 is wild.

So here’s the tea on how this technology works. This phone has something called a LiDAR Scanner and it has the ability to measure a person's height using the Measure app. This app will pick up the persons image and then scan them from head to foot. The weirdest part you may ask? You can even accurately measure someone’s height while they’re sitting in a chair.

Honestly Apple has hit a home run with this one if it works as flawlessly as they’re saying. Because let’s think about how many of your friends or even yourself complain about how many people lie about their height on dating apps or when you see a person and you’re just curious about how tall they are. Now you can just skip the bs and straight up scan humans for their height. No time wasted. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…2020 is wild. I feel like we’ve reached a peak with technology (and creepiness) with this but hey, let’s wait and see what else the wild world of technology has for us up their sleeves!