The NHL Is Apparently Thinking About Opening Their Next Season at Lake Louise


This sounds like it would be absolutely magical!

I don’t know about you, but the second you read about this for the first time… whether it be here, or somewhere else, the most magical images danced around your head. Only because Lake Louise, if you and I are anything alike, is one of the most beautiful things and places you’ve ever seen. Like, when I picture a season opener hockey game with the N H freakin’ L (pardon my language) it comes across as an image in my head as almost as magical as like, The Polar Express the first time you watch it or even read it.

Like, do you see it too? All the lights, how aesthetically pleasing it would all be with the mountains and the beauty, and the fact that Canada’s favorite sport is kicking off their season at one of Canada’s most beautiful landmarks.

Apparently the season will be kicking off on January 1, and they’re CONSIDERING (I don’t wanna get your hopes up to the nines for no reason) doing it right on the ice at Lake Louise. Oh, come on… has anything ever been more Canadian than this? I think not!

COVID cancelled sports like, completely for a little while there. Right in the midst of the most exciting part of the season, and that wasn’t okay with a ton of people, but it had to be done. Now that everyone is finding their footing, it’s nice to know that something that was once unbearable (the cancellation of sports) could possibly turn into something awesome… the season opener on Lake Louise.

How many times is an appropriate amount of times to say pretty please to ensure this happens?