The Sandman Downtown Calgary Is Giving Out Basically Free Rooms During Stampede


You deserve to treat yo self! And it makes it super easy when it's basically free!! 

The Sandman hotel downtown wants to give you a staycation of a lifetime!! They've just recently renovated and they wanna show it off! Normally they would be full during the week of stampede so they decided ya know what?Let's give Calgarians a break! Tat's why you can get basically a free room during the 10 days of stampede! 

You will $75.00 a night BUT the cool part is they will give you a $75.00 pre paid credit card that you can use however you'd like! Or you can donate it back to the Stampede association (who have also taken a major hit during these times!)
Just pretty cool all in all! Could be a fun girls night, lovers night, family night out! you decide!! Check out the interview CTV 

CHECK OUT THE FULL CTV INTERVIEW HERE for all the full details!