The Scotiabank Calgary Marathon Has Decided To Carry On Virtually


When things get cancelled these days, there isn’t much of a shock factor involved in it anymore. Luckily, there’s not much of an anger factor involved either, which is a nice chance. Most people (and I say most very loosely) have realized that the cancellations and postponements that have taken place are only for our own good, even if that means that mass events like music festivals and even our beloved stampede, get cancelled.

The Calgary Marathon if you’ve ever experienced it, is a total rush. There are sooooo many people involved, so many runners, and even a ton of spectators. It’s because of this that they had to postpone it originally… and now instead of trying to plan an event for after the summer, they’ve chosen to cancel it “in person” and let it carry on virtually.

If you were planning on participating, you were very likely on the email list that they just sent out today, explaining your options. It is looking like there are several ways you can carry forth with this virtual marathon. You can let them keep whatever you paid to run on the day of and in return you still receive all of the bells and whistles that come with it (including the medal woot woot)! You can get most of your money back, but in return you also donate $20 to charity. Then, of course, there is a third option where you opt out and get a refund.

I ran in the Calgary marathon with a friend of mine last year, and it was an incredible experience. We did the 10K. This year he was going on to complete a half marathon and I was planning on running in the 10k again. Honestly… if you’ve never participated in an event like this, the rush is like no other and I highly recommend it.

It’s super cool to see that they’ve found a way to move forward, even if it’s online (like everything else these days) and the rush of participation will only be stronger next year when we’re all running together.

You can check out the press release HERE.