The Supreme Court in Ireland Has Ruled That Subway “Bread” Isn’t Actually Bread LOL


Honestly, any headline that doesn’t involve the words COVID or Corona or virus or the number 19 in general, is a headline that I can get behind these days. The COVID headlines aren’t necessarily the kind that leave you with a smile on your face… which is why I’m excited to share with you the story of how the supreme court in Ireland has decided that subway bread isn’t actually bread because of its contents.

I need to preface this with the fact that I absolutely adore subway. It’s the perfect excuse to eat entire loaf of bread (or what I’ve been calling bread up until this point) alongside literally whatever your heart desires inside of it. It’s perfect; and to top it all off… you always feel healthy because you’re eating a ton of veggies at the same time you’re having your favorite meats and sauces. You truly cannot lose.

I guess, for some reason in Ireland, some angry person took this to court where they looked deep into the specifics of the bread at Subway and decided it technically cannot be classified as bread because there’s too much sugar. I guess bread needs to have certain components to be considered what it is, by definition.

Here’s my argument, though… it’s 2020. Everything is weird, and anything can be considered bread. I’ve seen people make “sandwiches” with a bell pepper as the bun. I mean, I personally use rice cakes for peanut butter and cream cheese instead of toast and bagels… anything goes.

So, as it stands, whether it’s considered bread, or some kind of foreign vessel that holds all of the goodness that subway has to offer – I will continue to eat it. Won’t you?