There are Now ‘Hocus Pocus’ Themed Cans of Wine


You know how some people say phrases like “you had me at hello” or “you had me at _____”… well for me, I think the phrase will eternally be “you had me at canned wine”.

Like, there couldn’t possibly be a more convenient way to drink wine. We’re used to our regular drinks coming in cans. Like pop, sparkling water, vodka sodas, different kinds of seltzers… but wine isn’t something that we see in cans very often.

As we move further and further into the future of everything being so advanced, seeing canned wine isn’t something that’s overly shocking but it’s also not something we get to enjoy on a regular basis. That is why when we hear about not only canned wine, but hocus pocus themed canned wine, it’s hard to get our ducks in a row or whatever the phrase is, because it’s almost TOO exciting.

If you’re one of those spooky girls ‘ve heard so much about recently, you’re more than likely the most excited to get your hands on this wine during your favorite season of all time.

I hate the be the bearer of bad news… and hate to be a “witch” if you will, haha… but unfortunately it sounds like you can get this shipped to anywhere in the united states. I’m sure if you had family in the states that loved you enough they’d help you out and make sure you got some of this canned wine in time to drink it while you watch spooky movies. Either way, the future is bright… now all we need is canned wine that’s taylor swift themed or something, and also it has to be available in Canada. Got it?!