There Are Rumors That Season 17 of ‘Greys Anatomy’ Might Be the Last


If you’re anything like me, you fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy faster than you’ve ever fallen in love with anything ever for your entire life. Like, the second you started watching the very first episode almost 20 years ago, you knew deep down in your heart that you were always going to love this show, no matter what kind of pain it put you through.

I mean, Shonda Rhimes has put us through a serious emotional ringer. Every single season has given us things to learn and take away from each and every episode, but also every single season came with a lot of excruciating and completely unexpected losses. I know you know exactly who and what I’m talking about and I refuse to name names in case someone who’s reading this doesn’t know and is about to watch it for the very first time.

I honestly sometimes wish I could go back to the beginning of Grey’s and watching it from the eyes of someone who has never ever seen an episode. The writing is genius and the emotion that Shonda captures with all of her scenarios and the actors she chose to play the roles is literally like no other.

Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo, is obviously the main character as the show is named after her. Though many beloved characters have been “killed off” literally and figuratively over the years, Meredith is the only character that the show quite literally cannot go on without, and the rumor mills are spinning that this next season (season 17) could be the last.

I’m sure it’s a decision that will not be easily come by, but our fingers our crossed that it doesn’t end here. We’re not ready.

Grey’s Anatomy… if you’re listening… pick us. Choose us. Love us.