There’s a Mac & Cheese Drive Thru Food Truck Festival at Grey Eagle Casino This Weekend


If Webster’s dictionary came to you and asked you to define comfort food… how would you do it?

I mean, I think a lot of us have different definitions of which foods bring comfort. Some people gravitate to healthy foods and salads and protein shakes and things that make them feel like the epitome of health, but if you’re like me… you’re a little different.

I remember not too long ago, I had a friend over and we were deciding what we should order on skip the dishes. He said he wanted “soul food”. When I asked what that is… he was like “it’s food that feeds your soul” and we proceeded to order a bunch of super yum bar foods, including MAC N CHEESE.



My point in this long winded explanation, is that if we’re talking about comfort food… mac n cheese definitely tops our list… and during a time when there’s a literal global pandemic going on, what more could we want than comfort food?

This mac n cheese mania is happening at Grey Eagle Casino on Sunday, but guess what? It’s even COMFIER than you ever could’ve imagined, because it’s entirely drive thru. You don’t even have to come in close contact with anyone but the people inside your vehicle during these incredibly “covidy” times.



This is all going down on Sunday October 4th between noon and 4pm and there will be a ton of different kinds of mac n cheese to try… including a flaming hot Cheetos mac n cheese and ALSO  a mac n cheese grilled cheese, which only stands as proof that dreams really do come true baby.

Happy eating – this is soul food by definition.