There Will Be Double Digit Temps in Calgary on Thursday and it’s DECEMBER


I mean… 2020 isn’t all bad, right?

It really feels like Mother Nature and COVID sat down together and decided to cut us some slack by giving us some beautiful weather. This way, even if we can’t be inside together like we once would’ve been able to back in the good old COVID free days… we can be outside together (with 10 people or less and at a social distance).

This feels like it’s going to be one of the shortest winters I’ve experienced during my time in YYC and it’s been just about five years now. I know you may be cringing reading this as me saying this out loud (or with my keyboard) may jinx the whole thing, but let’s keep our faith high and our fingers crossed that winter goes easy on us in a way that life has definitely not done.

It’s strange to think about the fact that it’s actually not even winter yet, because with all of the different kinds of weather we’ve already seen leading up to the first week of December, you’d think it has been all the seasons, when really it has only been fall. Pretty wild, hey?

Either way, we’re expecting 11 degree weather this Thursday! I don’t know what this means to you, but hopefully it means one final long stroll in sweater weather. Maybe Glenmore Reservoir, maybe Eau Claire… but if you’re anything like me you will absolutely be taking advantage of it in some way or another, right!

So grab your daisy dukes and let them know you’re going out for one final run until we get that random chinook in the middle of February and are hopefully legally allowed to spend it with our friends on the patio at the ship and anchor.