These Whiskey Filled "Tide Pods" Are A Thing Now


Remember when everyone was eating Tide Pods for fun… and people literally had to put out WARNINGS and videos and all of that fun stuff, solely to get full grown adults to stop swallowing Tide Pods and filming it for the sake of entertainment? Well, thank God that ended. And just in time, these little pouches that are essentially just like Tide Pods, except filled with Whiskey and not detergent,have come into our realm. It’s about time!

They are calling these little things “glassless whiskey” where you can consume them via pod, and not have to pour them over ice like a PEASANT. I have to make at least one joke about it, only because it never seemed like an inconvenience to have to put liquor in a cup… until now. THANKS A LOT.  

The company is called The Glenlivet, and it’s a Whiskey company based out in the UK. They are the ones responsible for these literal works of art. A lot of people are comparing them to an adult version of those Fruit Gushers you used to get in your lunch as a kid. They’d explode with a fruit flavor in your mouth when you bit into them, if you can recall. I mean, I can only assume the point of these Whiskey pods isn’t to bite them and chew them like a child, but it’ll all be up to your discretion once you get your hands on them.

It comes in three cocktail options: citrus, wood and spice. Their casing is also completely biodegradable, which is awesome. So far you can only get your hands on these bad boys in the U.K, but I’m sure if the reviews are good enough, they’ll bring them over to our neck of the woods.

The only question I really have, though, is… how do you chase this stuff? Not everyone is capable of drinking straight whiskey. Just sayin’.