They Have Made Remembrance Day Poppy Boxes Equipped With ‘Tap’ Payment This Year


As always, for the month of November and even in the weeks leading up, we wear a poppy to commemorate those who fought for our freedom. It is not only disrespectful to not be wearing a poppy, but it is something that is virtually impossible to forget to do, due to the fact that the poppy boxes are everywhere you look no matter where you go in Canada. You can basically donate and get a poppy at almost every single establishment. The money that you put in the poppy boxes goes to the Royal Canadian Legion… and there is only one reason that any of us are ever unable to donate.

Having cash on you was few and far between even before the global pandemic took over the world, but now the thought of carrying cash around seems dirtier than ever, and it seems more and more people are reverting to plastic because of this. Having change on you is a rarity in this day and age, and even more so now that all germs are absolutely terrifying, and we’re avoiding touching anything communal at all costs.

I’m sure we’ve all found ourselves in that dilemma. It’s almost November and you need to donate for a poppy but every time you come across a poppy box you are not prepared and do not have any change or bills to donate. That’s why this is so cool. This year, the Royal Canadian Legion has teamed up with HSBC Bank Canada to have some of the poppy boxes be equipped with a tap option so that no matter what, you have the means to donate.

Once all of the ins and outs of this technology are worked out, I’m sure it will be the way of the future, and will definitely ensure an influx of donations in the years to come.