This Calgary Woman Is Doing The Coolest Thing With Leftover Wedding Flowers


Kendahl, from Calgary, has started doing the most AMAZING thing with leftover flowers from weddings she has been to, or that she recieves from recently married couples who have been willing to donate. Check this out: 


I've been lucky to have been invited to quite a few weddings over the last few years since getting to the age where so many people around me are settling down. I recently started considering what happens to all the floral components of weddings and came to understand that in a lot of circumstances, they end up getting thrown out. I also understand how much people love being gifted flowers - they're pretty, they smell nice and receiving flowers has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health. I reached out to a few people who I knew were getting married in the near future, asking them if they had plans for their flowers after their day was over, and if they'd be willing to have me collect them, and ultimately be gifted to people who could genuinely benefit from the joy that accompanies receiving flowers. Last night I picked up the first set of flowers from @bcisecki 's wedding, broke them down into 24 of these small bouquets and delivered them to a shelter for women leaving domestic violence. After all the hugs and thank-you's I received, it's not hard to realize how impactful a small gift like this is and would love to continue to make this happen and spread more cheer to others who deserve it. So, if anyone is getting married, hosting an event, or knows people who are where floral arrangements will be incorporated and want to have them re-purposed, send me a message and I'll pick them up and ensure they have the opportunity to brighten up someone else's world. 💐💕

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This literally makes my heart so warm. If you or anyone you know has a wedding coming up and doesn't know what to do with the flowers after and wants to send them free to a good home, get in touch with this chick. Such a cool thing she's doing. Follow @yycpetalproject for more info.